Don't pity yourself, don't pity time. Don't let yourself be like everyone else, find your real meaning relying on knowledges' truth, and then the mighty power will pay attention to you and will make your life successful, full of meaning and real results. That's the luck chosen for people: developing themselves until godly nature. And remember the rule, which teachers have left behind: help from above is equivalent to your efforts.
Avraham David Fisherman (born on 28 may of 1974) was born in Cernov, Ukraine, which according to the kabala calendar is the day of birth of tsar David and the day that Baal Shem Tav, the founder of rabbis in Israel died.

At 13 he wanted attempted to discover the meaning of the world and his mission, which is given to reach ones souls' roots. At that time, the availability to secret knowledge and sciences was restricted, thus the only personal growth access knowledge was martial arts. As a result of working with karate, Avraham discovered bio-energy and zen meditation. During 3 years he practiced 3 different karate techinques, like Sotokan and Sunami, where he had accomplishments.

In 1990 Abrahams family departed to Israel. At that point of time, people from the Soviet Union were immigrating to Israel to find their path in life, their astral exit, and he met those people. But those people didn't want him to join them in to teach him. Desperate, Avraham went to a book shop and bought books about yoga and chakra-opening. After a week, he found out he can see different light types. This tale was what let him join a Taoist yoga group, where he spent 5 years. He learned different traditions, like martial arts, Tsygun, cleaning energy canals, joining it with the earths and cosmos energy fields and including the art of curing with chi energy.

In 1995 Avraham met with the principal of the closed Kung Fu school family's principal, Wang Shi Chu Anh, and studied martial arts during 10 years this way. He also received lessons from the Armenian bodyguard school, where the everyday workouts lasted 6-7 hours a day.

In 2000, Abraham met the meditation group Osho, where he started his dream work based in Carlos Costaneda works and earned incredible results.

After some time, Avraham found books that had to do with ancient kabbalist knowledge, but in many books things weren't too clear, so he started searching for a spiritual teacher. When he found a teacher, a tzadik, he gained the kabbalah knowledge in a 10 year period. When he was able to gain the teachers' spiritual knowledge through ancient original texts and communication with souls in dreams, he gained the permission to pass on this knowledge to others.

Avraham has been teaching and studying the kabbalah knowledge, in which secrets he found answers to all his most profound questions that all other paths didn't answer him.

Avraham is also the founder of Bnei hanevi'im school and it's teacher.

Now Avraham lives in Israel, has his own YouTube channel where he's uploaded around 2000 hours of lessons, yehudim meditations and kabbala knowledge.

He also conducts intensive lessons and programs like: "Analyst of Consciousness", "In the flow of the Infinite Self", "Art to be together", "Reincarnation of souls", "Who am I?", "Kabbalistic Astrology" "Meditation of six-sided space", "Energy of opposites and their balance", "Governing their field and opening channels of perception", "Integral Meditation -Merkva", "Kabbalistic Meditative Light Technique".
Fundamentals of Kabbala.

One can't take a sun ray, enclosed in a room, shut all windows and doors and enjoy it solely.
You can't snatch a sun ray of what sends it, the same as you can't take egoistically the light of the creator – it must be received. That's the law: you can't receive the light without being in contact with the creator.

The largest Russian-language YouTube channel for the study of Torah and Kabbalah.
Here you will find the practical aspects of applying Wisdom, transmitted to us through a chain of righteous people from time immemorial.
Every day there are several new videos from lessons, some of them are in the closed access, because not every person is allowed to get this knowledge, but only to those who deserve it.
The following are taught: Weekly chapters of the Torah, the Book of Zohar, the Doctrine of the Ten Sefirot, the Laws of Prophecy, the Kabbalistic Ikhudim — meditation, ways of inner work and prayer, and much more.
A total of over 2,200 lessons.
For a long time I was searching for answers to my questions, as if they were sprouting out of my heart. But I didn't find a fulfilling answer in any doctrine nor teacher. In this path to find the truth, I found Avraham David Fisherman. It's amazing, but I didn't have to wait for long to find answers. This breaks the prejudice that says that the Kabbalah is only for elderly men; the Kabbalah is for everyone. This master knows the root of everything and gives answers to questions of all people. I hope everyone finds a spiritual teacher like Avraham David Fisherman.
Ilona Salerno, Alicante, Еspaña
I was on an intensive course on Kabbalah in Moscow last year, this is the most unforgettable event in my life. Avraham, thank you. That Light that you stretch towards people is flawless in its beauty.

Sawa, Moscow, Russia
This year I attended an intensive course on the basics of Kabbalah in Chisinau. We lived in a well-equipped hotel, every day there were 2 lessons: 4-hour night lesson and 2-hour day. We studied texts that were never published in Russian, Abram read them and translated them synchronously and to this even commenting and explaining in the language of "roots and branches". Thanks to everyone who was there. Avraham is a miracle of our time.
Marianna, Varna, Bulgaria
I know Avraham for a long time and participate in every event held. I want to tell everyone that if you want to find a real teacher, and not just a teacher, but a TEACHER, you are here. Such secrets in such an affordable program you will not find anywhere else. Avraham has studied Kabbalah for 19 years by primary sources and independently translates and comments books from Hebrew into Russian. Thanks from all of us for Avraham!
Vadim, Ashdod, Israel

Avraham David Fisherman
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